Data visualization of 'Why That Color?' exercise results

1 Sahil Amin
2 Tobias Bach Hansen
3 Petra Lisson
4 Aleksandar Maćašev
5 Dirk Meier
6 Magdalena Nizel
7 Jana Pape
8 Yoni Passy
9 Anaïs Plancoulaine
10 Artem Stretovych
11 Constanze Louise Temmesfeld
12 Yves Roy Vallaster

What is your national color?

Color of your hometown.

Color of your family.

Color of your skin.

Pick red.

Pick blue.

Pick yellow.

Pick green.

Pick orange.

Pick purple.

You would feel really good in what color T-shirt?

In what color do you see your own gender?

If you were a brand what color would you be?

Pick Coca-Cola red.

Color of sunset.

Color of Sunday.

Color of physical pain.

What color relaxes you?

What is the color of a triangle?

Color of a square.

Color of a circle.

What color would you use with brown?

What color would you use with blue?

Color of the smell of gasoline?

If you were in a sports team what color jersey would you pick?

Color you really don't like.

Pick a color you remember well from your childhood.

Color of nostalgia.

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