Make all of the colored bars the same color in as few clicks as possible.

When a color bar is clicked its color becomes a mix of its neighbors' colors, regardless of its original color.
Far left and far right bars are each other's neighbors.
There are three levels of "sameness" that you can achieve.
1 - the colors are fairly similar, 2 - the colors are almost the same, and 3 - all the colors are exactly the same.
When you reach a certain level, a score for that level will appear and you will automatically move to the next level.
'New Game' erases the current game and generates a new set of random colors.

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Online version


Click the green bar (5)
Green bar (5) will become a mix of its neighbors: red (4) and blue (6).

Neighbors of bar (1) are (2) and (7). Neighbors of (7) are (1) and (6).

First level - fairly similar.

Second level - almost the same.


Third level - exactly the same.

Desktop version

Each color combination has an identification number.
In the desktop version of Chroma Equalizer you have an additional option to type in a color combination number.
The same number will always generate the same combination of colors. If you want to compete with a friend, both of you type in the same number,
and you will get the same combination of colors. Or if you would like to play the same combination you got with the 'RAND' button, just type in the number of that combination.

'RAND' button generates an unpredicatble combination of colors, just like 'New Game' in the online version. The number of the generated combination is next to the button.
With ID button you can generate specific combinations of colors. Type in the number and click 'ID' to play it. The number shouldn't be longer than 10 digits.


10.2 MB
Choose 32-bit or 64-bit version.
Start ChromaEqualizer.exe file.
Don't move ChromaEqualizer.exe file from its folder.
You might be prompted to update to the latest version of Java.
Mac OS
5.8 MB
Before starting the application check your Security & Privacy preferences.
(System Preferences > Security & Privacy)
Set "Allow apps downloaded from" to 'Anywhere'.
You might be prompted to update to the latest version of Java.

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