Desktop Java applet that translates color sequences into sound loops.

Choose the loop size and fill the wheel by picking colors from the swatches chart or from your own photo.
Keep picking colors and the wheel will fill automatically as you pick.
The sequence of colors will be translated into sounds when you click "play", and it will continue playing in a loop until paused.

The loop can be live-edited while playing.
You can click on a segment to change its color, change the speed, load a different photo,
or switch between "photo" and "swatches" modes.
Instead of color you can also insert a rest.
Changing the loop size (number of segments) will empty the loop.

The photo you load will be resized and cropped, if necessary.
There are two additional simplified (pixelized) versions of the photo for easier color picking.
You can pick colors from all three.

The translation is based on converting red, green and blue color values (0 - 255 each) of picked colors to MIDI values (21 - 108).
Each color will be "played" as a broken three-tone chord.

(Written in Processing with SoundCipher library)


9.8 MB
Choose 32-bit or 64-bit version.
Start ChromaLoops.exe file.
Don't move ChromaLoops.exe file from its folder.
You might be prompted to update to the latest version of Java.
Mac OS
5.6 MB
Before starting the application check your Security & Privacy preferences.
(System Preferences > Security & Privacy)
Set "Allow apps downloaded from" to 'Anywhere'.
You might be prompted to update to the latest version of Java.


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