Desktop Java applet for mixing screen colors.
It is made to be a color mixing exercise, or just a colorful pattern generator.

Move colored squares accross the grid.
When two squares touch the touching segment of both squares will change its color to the mix of colors of both squares.
A square can affect and be affected by maximum of four neighboring squares.
When a square is surrounded on all four sides it loses original color, because all the segments are now
a mix of its own color and the neighbor's color.
If you overlap two squares one of them will dissappear.
You can adjust how many squares you would like to play with.
The positions and colors of squares are randomly generated.

(Written in Processing)


Move a square
Two squares touching
Square with two neighbors

Square with three neighbors

Square with four neighbors



9.6 MB
Choose 32-bit or 64-bit version.
Start ChromaMix.exe file.
Don't move ChromaMix.exe file from its folder.
You might be prompted to update to the latest version of Java.
Mac OS
5.6 MB
Before starting the application check your Security & Privacy preferences.
(System Preferences > Security & Privacy)
Set "Allow apps downloaded from" to 'Anywhere'.
You might be prompted to update to the latest version of Java.


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