A desktop Java applet that translates photos into sound.

The translation is based on converting red, green and blue color values (0 - 255 each) to MIDI values (21 - 108).
Each pixel is translated into three music tones, one for each color channel, and they are played as a chord.

Load a photo, click 'play', and the applet will read the photo pixel by pixel and translate them
into a series of chords.
The photo you load will be resized to 80 x 60 px, and cropped if necessary.
Standard image formats are accepted (.jpg, .gif, and .png).
The pixels will be read row by row, starting from the upper left corner. The lower field will show the color of the pixel that's being read. You can skip portions of the whole sequence by clicking anywhere on the photo and the playback will continue from there. You can also load a new photo while the previous one is still playing.
Press (+) key to increase or (-) key to decrease the tempo of playback.

(Written in Processing with SoundCipher library)



10.5 MB
Choose 32-bit or 64-bit version.
Start ChromaPhotosound.exe file.
Don't move ChromaPhotosound.exe file
from its folder.
You might be prompted to update to the latest
version of Java.
Mac OS
6 MB
Before starting the application check your
Security & Privacy preferences.
(System Preferences > Security & Privacy)
Set "Allow apps downloaded from" to 'Anywhere'.
You might be prompted to update to the latest
version of Java.


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