Chroma Photosound
Translate photos into a series of chords.
(Desktop applet)

  Chroma Equalizer
Equalize colors in as few clicks as possible.
(Online game)


Chroma Mix
Toy with color mixing.
(Desktop applet)
  Chroma Guess
Guess the hidden color.
(Desktop applet and online game)


Chroma Loops
Translate color sequences into sound loops.
(Desktop applet)
Chroma Cluster
Rearrange random color fields into clusters by swapping them.
(Online game)


Chroma Sudoku
Color sudoku based on color hue.
(Online game)
Chroma Shape
Generate a shape based on red, green and blue values of the selected color.
(Online and desktop applets)

Chroma Applets are byproducts of programming experiments for Chromapost.

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